What you can expect

Our philosophy is that 'wellness starts from within’. Our retreats offer you space to quieten the noise and escape from daily life and to re-connect with yourself - to find balance and a place of peace and simplicity.

  • We create an unhurried, calm atmosphere, just perfect for unwinding and putting aside your cares and worries, if even for just a day or two.
  • We believe that our retreats are fulfilling, inspiring and restorative.
  • We respond to your unique needs and ensure that your visit leaves you feeling revitalised, refreshed and prepared to return to your daily life.
  • We cater for small groups and create an intimate atmosphere to help you relax and rejuvenate along with lots of laughs and good company.

How better to spend a day or weekend? Relax in beautiful surroundings, and calm your mind using guided meditations and other exercises especially designed to help you bring peace and tranquillity to your everyday life. Our venues are located in Northumberland but we will happily work with you to find a suitable space for a retreat wherever you are in the country. 

Testimonials from our past retreats:

"Ladies, I have had an incredible day. My aim was to completely relax and the day fulfilled my expectations. Thank you for a lovely day and I hope to join you again in the future."

Joanne Richardson, Chorley.


"Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Great idea to have a retreat.
I feel so chilled now!"

Imy, Alnwick