Gallery and Testimonials

“Enjoyed the relaxation techniques and an opportunity to focus on nothing (worries). Learning to accept certain worries and let others go – learning the diference.”


“Enjoyed getting together with everyone, sharing our stresses, Thank you girls it’s been great and I’m going away feeling much better.”


“Enjoyed the relaxation – a chance to stop.”


“The day did as it said ‘relaxed me’. I loved it. All of it. Just what I needed. Lovely venue – fantastic food.”

Lorraine Brewis, Newcastle

“Enjoyed getting to know the lovely people on the course. EFT and Laughter Yoga, feel I could put them into practice. Beautiful venue, made very comfortable, welcoming and catered for. Thank you so much for such an informative and relaxing day.”

Julie T

“Relaxation – just what I needed. EFT – good to practice this again and experience its benefits. I enjoyed your level of knowledge and the pace of the day. Great venue, beautiful grounds and very relaxing place. Enjoyed the day and meeting everyone. Will definitely do again and would love a weekend.”


“Relaxing, quietening the mind – no mobile phones! Really enjoyed today and will try to use more of the techniques more often. Lovely room and venue.”

Sara, Alnwick

“I enjoyed being able to relax through the techniques. Lovely room, food and service and enjoyed meeting new people.”

Amy, Seaton Delaval

“Chris and Sue are so kind and lovely and welcoming with wonderful techniques to use in everyday life.”

Marie, County Durham

“A chance to chill out and relax in a gorgeous environment. Have really enjoyed taking the time out. Lovely place and lovely venue. Thank you.”

Jill, County Durham

“Wonderful, relaxed company. Simple, do-able techniques to take away. Thank you both so much for a wonderful experience. I will practice what you have taught me. The 'tapping' was awesome.”

Janey, Aberdeen

“Enjoyed the whole thing – having a day to relax, switch off and learn new techniques in a friendly and supportive group.”

Anna, Saudi Arabia

“Thank you so much for quietening my mind and I feel so much more positive with dealing with my stresses.”

Angela, Seaton Sluice

“I enjoyed the relaxation – stop, think, listen – and the Tai Chi. I feel content, happy, would like to do it again.”

Jayne, Blyth

“I enjoyed the whole day enormously. I particularly liked the relaxation technique before the Laughter Yoga.Thank you for a fabulous day.”

Penny, West Boldon

“Enjoyed the environment, finding space to attend to my own needs - opening doors on new ways of being and of releasing stress. Linden Hall is the perfect setting, very comfortable supportive energy perfect for the day.”

Sally, Newcastle

“Learned new techniques and connected with myself better. Feels lovely, relaxed and re-energised. Linden Hall is a lovely, cosy and peaceful place.”

Lucy, Newcastle

“Breaking the arrow felt like a concrete, tangible break up of my fear and worry. Lovely environment, delicious food, lovely fire.”

Bobbie, Widdrington

“Meditation and Laughter Yoga helped release negativity, fantastic location and surroundings.”

Fiona, Alnwick

“I enjoyed relearning EFT as I had forgotten how useful it is in making me feel calmer in stressful situations. I love the setting of Linden Hall, it helps with the feeling of relaxation. The food was lovely.”

Sue, near Alnwick

“The opportunity to voice my very own personal challenges triggered by the therapy interventions introduced to me. The tapping and laughter yoga interested me and the whole day really was of great benefit to me at this time. I felt totally welcome, accepted and I appreciate you both for your time and experience, lovely to meet you. A lovely venue, catering fabulous.”

Helen G, Newcastle

“Meeting new people, hearing about people with similar issues. Learning new relaxation and hypnosis techniques. Learning about yourself. Perfect day, nice to take a day out of busy routine. Day delivered in a very pleasant and effective manner. Thanks. Very pleasant and relaxing setting, perfect for purpose.

Chris, Whitley Bay”

“Self Hypnosis technique – feel I could do it at home and the tapping - felt so relaxed and balanced after it. Beautiful hotel set in stunning surroundings”

Lorna, Warkworth

“A lovely tranquil space, peaceful and quiet, I love the room, high ceiling, natural light but most of all open fire.”

Avril, Alnmouth

“Being relaxed, being happy, being connected to like minded people who want to look after themselves so they can look after others better.”

Jackie, Benton

“Taking time out for ‘me’, learning relaxation techniques, feeling chilled out.”

Sara, Rock, Alnwick

“Relaxation and opening my mind. I am a lot more self aware now due to the time spent emptying my mind of the many thoughts flying around in there and becoming aware of ‘just being’. The day was so full of interesting information that it just flew by. Loved it! What a wonderful day, if you could bottle it and sell it you would make a fortune!”

Helen, Morpeth

“Mindfulness meditation because it got rid of all negative thoughts that I had about myself. It’s a beautiful environment in which to relax and get rid of any worries and stress. Thank you for enabling me to appreciate life and all it’s beauty.”

Christopher, Alnwick

“All of it, it was a great day, really enjoyed it and there was a wonderful atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, thank you very much Chris and Sue.”

Lydia, North Shields

“I have really enjoyed the day and will use some of the techniques. A special thanks to Chris and Sue for your lovely welcoming approach.”

Jen, Alnwick